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Farewell, America’s Highway

After Meramec Caverns, we bade farewell to Route 66. We’ve driven the first 1/6 of the entire road, and it’s been a memorable experience. Kelly and I are too young to have old Route 66 in our past, so it’s … Continue reading

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Visit Meramec Caverns!

The enticements start early, and continue throughout the first part of your trip on old Route 66. Visit Meramec Caverns, proclaims a barnside advert. Billboards along the road take up the cry: Hideout of Jesse James. Open All Year! Cool … Continue reading

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Henry’s Rabbit Ranch

It’s Day 4, from Springfield to St. Louis on old Route 66, and yes there are small town diners and plenty of old pavement to chew on. But we must talk about Henry’s Rabbit Ranch. Scene: As isolated as any … Continue reading

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In the Hood

You know you’re in the hood when the auto dealer’s featured car — on the raised platform — is a 78 Caddy.

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Day 2: Springfield

If you’re a cretin like me, it might take a reminder that Springfield — not Chicago — is the capital of Illinois. Of course, from The State House Inn, our 1960s-era motor hotel, that reminder is the capital building just … Continue reading

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Route 66, Part 2

Route 66 was built for speed. Conceived as a consistently paved, wide-open thoroughfare to get you from here to there, it was about providing smooth travel, and the mythology that surrounded it was steeped in Westward expansion. If you ever … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm Warning

Thunderstorm warnings are issued by county. When you’re traveling, that’s a problem. “Excuse me, miss, what county are we in? Cause if this is Logan, Macon or Sangamon county, we shouldn’t be be standing next to this plate glass window.”

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Short on Time?

Wanna experience Route 66 but short on time? Just head to Williamsville, population less-than-1500, and find Frank’s. The sign announces that when we’re here, we’re open. They weren’t open.

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Route 66, Part 1

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Have a Lou Mitchell Day

We’ve been invited to “Have a Lou Mitchell day.” It says so right there, on the receipt. I’m not entirely sure what having a Lou Mitchell day entails. Possibly tying on a crisp white apron and baking fresh bread. Making … Continue reading

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