Good fences make good neighbors

Having driven nearly 400 miles along Route 66, we have started to make our way back to Chicago so we can catch our flight back to Los Angeles on Sunday evening. But first, a side trip to Hannibal, MO (insert Silence of the Lamb jokes here).

What’s in Hannibal, MO you ask? Why, Mark Twain’s childhood home, of course! Our hotel is nestled along the Mississippi River, just a stone’s throw from the home. We’re here to see where the author grew up and what inspired him to write all the books I’ve never read. (I don’t like to read books.) Brian is a lot more excited about it than I am. I’m along for the ride and the free breakfast. The view of the Ol’ Miss-A-Sip from our room is okay too.

Who knows. Maybe today will be fun and I’ll learn something interesting or inspiring. Maybe I’ll learn to read books without getting itchy all over.

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