Rocky Mountain High

I’m here in Denver sans Brian. Why Denver in the midst of the chilly fall/winter season, you ask? Well, I wanted a quick cheap getaway to a destination that has yet eluded me. Two of my friends have relocated to Denver and I was overdue for a visit. Oh yeah – and I was in the mood to have my extremities numbed. Mission accomplished on all counts.

I’m staying on the 13th floor at The Curtis Hotel in Denver. It’s a themed hotel, each of the 16 floors with a different twist — the “big hair” floor, the “fun and games” floor, even “sci-fi” and “one hit wonders.” I chose to stay on the “dun dun dun…” floor, an homage to horror movies.

This morning I received my wake-up call at 7:00. When I picked up the phone, I heard this: “Hello Clarice … Time to wake up. Would you like some breakfast? Perhaps some fava beans and a nice chianti?” Yes, Hannibal Lecter himself was asking me to rise and shine.

Awesome spooky goodness.

It’s been cold here. I look like an eskimo. Not kidding.

As lovely as it’s been, I’m counting down the hours to the flight back to sunny California. I look forward to defrosting …

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