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Bather’s Lament

I think I finally discovered the reason behind the abrasions all over my body. The cloth sandpaper that hotels call “towels” these days. Oh, Hilton. I expected so much more from you. Even the toilet paper felt smooth and luxurious … Continue reading

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Day 3: More Springfield

We had so much fun on Sunday that we decided to stay another night in Springfield. (Sorry, St. Louis, you’ll just have to wait.) I have been geeking out over all of the Abe Lincoln stuff all over this little … Continue reading

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Day 2: Springfield

If you’re a cretin like me, it might take a reminder that Springfield — not Chicago — is the capital of Illinois. Of course, from The State House Inn, our 1960s-era motor hotel, that reminder is the capital building just … Continue reading

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An observation

Sam Waterston has the most amazing sculpted eyebrows. They are like fine art deserving of a blue ribbon. Also, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum rocks. It is world class fun. That is all.

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Route 66, Part 2

Route 66 was built for speed. Conceived as a consistently paved, wide-open thoroughfare to get you from here to there, it was about providing smooth travel, and the mythology that surrounded it was steeped in Westward expansion. If you ever … Continue reading

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Day 1: Chicago to Lincoln, in brief

When you dine at Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago, they give out boxes of Milk Duds to the ladies. (That’s ‘cuz we’re cute and stuff.) It was a rainy morning when we hopped in the car and hit the Mother Road, … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm Warning

Thunderstorm warnings are issued by county. When you’re traveling, that’s a problem. “Excuse me, miss, what county are we in? Cause if this is Logan, Macon or Sangamon county, we shouldn’t be be standing next to this plate glass window.”

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Short on Time?

Wanna experience Route 66 but short on time? Just head to Williamsville, population less-than-1500, and find Frank’s. The sign announces that when we’re here, we’re open. They weren’t open.

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Route 66, Part 1

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Route 66 Haiku

Old roads full of kitsch Giant statues beckon us Land that time forgot

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