OK, here’s the deal. Kelly and I have been married for more than a decade, and in that time, we’ve been a bunch of places, mostly big cities in the US. We always come back armed with stories (some of which are true), and wacky pictures… and I’ve been amazed at our different points of view. Kel and I can go the same places and experience the same things, but tell completely different stories about it.

I bet that happens for a lot of couples.

So we’re trying something here — a joint travel blog, with both of us writing our own stories. Same road, but different views. We hope it’s fun, and we hope you enjoy it too. If you do, feel free to comment and get involved. Just don’t try to sell your weight-loss drugs or Viagra.

About Us:
Kelly has worked as an administrative assistant in both the Midwest and Hollywood. She types like a banshee, is hyper-organized, and is obsessed with cupcakes. Brian is a former teacher, volleyball coach and PR professional who now runs a Web consulting business and an actor marketing Web site. We live in LA, and get away whenever we can. We like to travel, but we don’t like digging our own latrines, driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, swatting mosquitoes, or scraping ice from windshields. On the other hand, we fly economy, stay at reasonable hotels, and watch our budgets.

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