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Morning in a Big, Strange City

Big cities all have their own unique character, from the skyline down to the underground tunnels. But on a sunny morning walking in the city center, some things seem remarkably familiar. There are the office drones, hustling to work and … Continue reading

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Pizza Delivery

The deep dish pizza was excellent. So were the breadsticks. This piece, though — it got a special delivery to the guy on the street corner at Rush and Elm. Enjoy, man.

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Dear United Airlines…

Thank you for the generous offer to have more legroom (for a fee), but no thanks. Also thanks for the offer for priority boarding (for a fee), but really, I just want to check in for my flight. Also, no, … Continue reading

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Thursday’s the day!

Kelly and I descend on the Midwest on Thursday, arriving in the afternoon. It had better not snow on us…

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We’re just getting started here. The plan is to kick this thing into gear next week when we invade Chicago and drive the first leg of the old Route 66 trail. Meantime, here are some photos of past trips. You … Continue reading

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